#Bring Your Dog To Work

#Bring Your Dog To Work

Established in 2023 by the SPCA (HK), Bring Your Dog To Work is a fundraising initiative promoting animal welfare and drawing the community a step closer to a pet-inclusive Hong Kong.

Why Bring Your Dog to Work

As dog owners, we dream of bringing our beloved pets to work on a daily basis and spending as much time with them as possible. According to a *survey, respondents said they enjoyed the below benefits a dog-friendly workplace could bring:


agreed that having pets in the workplace was a positive experience


appreciated the increased socialisation with coworkers


stated a more relaxed environment


reported a reduction in stress

*Source: LiveCareer (November 2021)

What are the staff well-being benefits of having dogs in the workplace?

There are important factors each party needs to consider before deciding to bring a dog into the office! At the SPCA, we advocate for pet-inclusivity, however, animal welfare should always comes first. Here's a quick checklist to consider.


  • Review your office building policy
  • Review your insurance policy
  • Set the management guidlines
  • Clear internal communication


  • Does s/he enjoy going to work?
  • Ensure they have a safe place to rest
  • Prior training might be required
  • Ease them into it – bring them to work gradually for them to adapt to a new environment and routine

Dog Owner

  • Dog proof your office environment and be a responsible dog owner
  • Ensure wires, plants and sharp furniture are moved away or stored securely

Other Employees

  • Be considerate to other's allergies or phobia, have a policy in place
  • Educate employees about pet safety (e.g. harmful food and plants)
  • Introduce your colleagues to your dog properly

Let's make pet-inclusivity a reality in our workplace!

Join our free information session
to make this dream a reality

The SPCA will be running free information sessions in September, designed for any employers and employees who might be interested in taking part in the #BringYourDogToWork campaign launching in October. In the session, you will meet our esteemed panel, consisting of HR and real estate professionals, dog-friendly employers, insurance experts, and animal welfare professionals, to learn more about their invaluable experiences in creating a pet-friendly working space and staff well-being benefits of having dogs in the workplace.

What are the staff wellbeing benefits of making pets able to visit offices?

What role does pet-inclusivity play in employee engagement?

What are the challenges of creating pet-friendly office in Hong Kong?

What was the employee's response from companies that have implemented pet-inclusive policies?

Cantonese Session

  • Whiskers N Paws
    10/F, Horizon Plaza, 2 Lee Wing St, Ap Lei Chau

  • 4 October, 4:00pm – 5:30pm

  • Cantonese


Jenmon Jenkins
Community Director, SPCA


Lily Leung
Senior Behavioral Support Technician, SPCA

Molly Choi
Human Resource Manager, Whiskers n Paws

Founder, PET-A-HOOD

Wendy Suen
Head of Talent Solutions, ConnectedConsult

Janice Poon
Regional Growth Manager, YAS Digital Ltd

English Session

    22/F, Hong Kong Diamond Exchange Building, 8-10 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

  • 20 September, 5:00pm – 7:00pm

  • English


Jenmon Jenkins
Community Director, SPCA


Dr Fiona Woodhouse
Deputy Director of Animal Welfare, SPCA

Dr Kaili Chen
Clinical Psychologist, Central Minds

Vada Chung
Founder, Whiskers N Paws

Andy Ann
Co-Founder, YAS Digital Limited

Samantha Wordsworth
Head of Marketing and Communications, The Flexi Group